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Access to abortion care is under threat. In the last six years, over 135 abortion clinics have been forced to close their doors – greatly diminishing access to essential health care in our country. These independent providers also lack the institutional support, visibility, name recognition, and fundraising capacity of national health centers and hospitals, making it especially difficult for the community-based providers to garner the resources they need and provide care in their communities. 

Independent clinics have always faced challenges, the restrictions and barriers have increased due to the pandemic and an anti-abortion Supreme Court. These community clinics are also resilient and nimble, and know best how to meet the needs of their communities. 

Funds are used to help clinics:

  • Make necessary security improvements that will help keep both patients and staff safe from anti-choice extremists;
  • Replace equipment that has been damaged in a natural disaster or is beyond the life of equipment;
  • Address clinic building repair issues;
  • Cover legal costs to maintain compliance with increased unnecessary regulations;
  • Pay staff and rent, cover medical supplies and PPE; 
  • And more- watch the video below to learn more about the current needs!

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You can make a difference and protect people’s right to access abortion care! Independent providers serve three out of every five people who have an abortion, yet they receive only a fraction of public support. During these difficult times, your contributions will support our members ability to meet the needs of every patient and ensure that providers are fully equipped to provide this essential health care. Show your support and make a donation today to Keep Our Clinics! 

Writing a check is a great way to ensure we get the full amount of your intended contribution and don’t lose any money for processing fees. Mail your contribution to:  

Abortion Care Network: Keep Our Clinics 
1300 I Street NW, Suite 400E
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Keep Our Clinics


Keep Our Clinics


Your Contribution Makes a Big Difference

By making a contribution today, you will protect access to abortion care, support independent clinics, and help us drive action in the following ways: