Coming Together
To Keep Our Clinics

About The Campaign


The majority of clinics providing care after the first trimester are independent — and independent clinics are more likely to provide both medication and in-clinic (sometimes called surgical) care, so patients can choose the care that’s right for them. 

Independent abortion clinics are often located in small towns, rural areas, and politically hostile states, and may be the only abortion providers in their state or region. Anti-abortion politicians and extremists across the country are outspoken against abortion, creating an environment of fear and secrecy; they have even resorted to violence against abortion providers and the people who seek their services.


One of the goals of abortion restrictions and bans — including the near-total abortion ban in Texas and the 15-week ban in Mississippi — is to close clinics down, so that even if these unlawful bans are finally struck down, there may be no clinics left to provide abortion care. Once a clinic closes, it is nearly impossible to reopen. Your gift to the Keep Our Clinics campaign is how we prevent that from happening. 


Abortion providers, independent clinics, and their advocates constantly defend reproductive rights in the courts and in communities to ensure that services are legally, financially, and logistically available to people who need them. Independent clinics do all this while also showing up day after day to care for people in their communities. You can show up for them today with a donation to Keep Our Clinics.


The People Behind the Campaign

Founded in 2008, the Abortion Care Network is the national association for independent community-based, abortion care providers and their allies. Together we work to ensure the rights of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care. The #KeepOurClinics campaign is our latest effort to protect access to abortion care in our country. To learn more about how you can contribute, contact [email protected]