In the last six years, nearly a third of all independent abortion clinics have been forced to close their doors – greatly diminishing access to essential health care in America.

These providers also lack the institutional support, visibility, name recognition, and fundraising capacity of national health centers and hospitals, making it especially difficult for these community-based providers to garner the resources they need to provide care in their communities. Over time the amount of restrictions, barriers, and challenges clinics face has continued to grow. 

This year, independent clinics also had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as essential healthcare workers. As we all continue to face the unprecedented loss of life and economic and public health crisis brought by the pandemic, independent clinics are also fighting to keep their doors open and continue to provide essential abortion care to all those who travel to them for care. Learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting clinics and view a qualitative study here


92% of our clinic members

indicated a need for financial support to continue providing care during the pandemic

Urgent Needs for Access During COVID-19

During this rapidly growing pandemic the need for access to our clinics is increasing on a daily basis. Anti-choice politicians are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to further restrict abortion access, particularly in the most politically hostile states. Independent clinics already face huge barriers in these states and further restrictions continue to push care entirely out of reach for many pregnant people.
  • dark-purple.png $100,000 +
  • violet.png $50,000 - $99,000
  • pink.png $25,000 - $49,000
  • green.png $10,000 - $24,000

Patients Face New Barriers

Now more than ever, patients seeking time-sensitive care, including abortion care, need access to treatment during this pandemic.

The orders to limit or deny abortion care are politically-motivated attempts to exploit the current situation and it’s impacting our patients in many ways. These barriers require more resources and support from providers to help patients access the care they need:
  • Clock_Icon.png Wait times are increasing and unpredictable
  • ExecutiveOrder_Icon.png Executive Orders result in further delays
  • LocationPin_Icon.png Patients are being forced to travel farther to seek care
  • StopSign_Icon.png Travel is becoming more difficult and more restricted
  • Hotel_Icon.png Hotels are closing leaving patients without a place to stay
  • Money_Icon.png Out-of-pocket costs are increasing for patients


During this difficult time, protecting access to essential care is our main priority. Your support is vital to our members ability to meet every patient’s time-sensitive needs and ensure that providers are fully equipped to provide care and respond to urgent demands. Make a donation today to Keep Our Clinics!