Texas: SB8 And the Supreme Court

Senate Bill 8

On September 1st, Texas’s Senate Bill 8 (SB8) — an extreme anti-abortion law — went into effect in Texas. The law bans abortion around six weeks of pregnancy – and it allows anyone, anywhere to use lawsuits to harass anyone who provides or assists Texans in accessing abortion care after that point. This means providing someone with an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy could open providers and clinics to costly, onerous civil lawsuits.

We know that abortion restrictions force clinics to close. Even if that restriction is eventually overturned, clinics are at risk of closing as legal battles play out — and once a clinic closes, it’s nearly impossible to re-open. In order to protect abortion access and ensure that there are still abortion clinics in Texas, we must act now. 

Independent abortion clinics are especially vulnerable, since they operate without a national network and the associated resources, name recognition, and mobilizing power. Your donation will help these bold, community-based clinics keep their doors open, fight the legal battles ahead, and conduct outreach to ensure patients can get the care they deserve. By donating to Keep Our clinics, you also help support clinics in surrounding states as they prepare to provide care to an influx of patients traveling from Texas. 

While advocates on the ground and legal experts across the country work to defeat this unjust ban, we can – and must – work collectively to keep Texas clinics open and support clinics in surrounding states. Your support helps clinics: 

  • cover mounting legal fees to fight essential court battles
  • make necessary security upgrades to keep patients and staff safe from anti-choice extremists
  • hire and pay staff who are providing legal, compassionate care at indie clinics
  • support physicians traveling to provide legal abortion care in the south 
  • pay rent and purchase necessary supplies to keep patients and staff safe 

We believe SB8 can be defeated — but it will take all of us to make sure that this harmful ban doesn’t close Texas clinics for good. Help us ensure that clinics will be around to provide care after this unjust, unconstitutional ban is blocked.