Abortion Fund In Iowa

Abortion Fund in IA

At Keep Our Clinics, we pride ourselves on providing financial support through our abortion fund. We understand that not every woman who needs an abortion can afford one. Therefore, we created the abortion fund, to help those who are in need. When you give to our abortion fund, you will be making a difference in someone’s life.

The abortion fund is not only used to help women but also to help independent clinics in Iowa. With the abortion fund, we can help clinics make repairs, pay staff, and much more. When you contribute today, you won’t only be supporting clinics in IA, but you will also be supporting all independent clinics across the United States. Learn more about our abortion fund today.

Show your support to Keep Our Clinics by donating to the abortion fund today. Any little bit you can give will make a difference. Independent clinics lack the support and funding that other well-known clinics receive. Visit our website today to donate to our abortion fund.