Donation Abortion Fund In Colorado

Donation Abortion Fund in CO

At Keep Our Clinics, we have a donation abortion fund that we encourage those to contribute to. This is a big portion of how we can keep independent clinics in Colorado up and running. Any support that we receive is greatly appreciated, as it is needed urgently. The more that those contribute to our donation abortion fund, the longer that we can keep independent clinic doors open. Consider donating today.

Our donation abortion fund is distributed into five different categories to help independent clinics in CO, as well as the woman coming to these clinics. The categories are building repairs, staff salaries, replacing supplies, legal costs, and security improvements. The donation abortion fund is split up into these categories. It allows us to make sure we are helping all parts of the clinics equally.

When you contribute to our donation abortion fund in Colorado, you support independent providers and are giving a woman access to the care they need. Your contributions will allow our members to meet the needs of every patient that walks through our doors. Without the donation abortion fund, independent abortion clinics in Colorado would cease to exist. Your help means more than you know. Visit our website to contribute to our donation abortion fund today.